JOHN PALLOTTA Studio Mentorship Program guides the actor in both the craft and the business of acting. Mentorship is by invite or audition only. The Mentorship Program includes one-on-one monthly reviews, addressing strengths and challenges in the actor’s training as well as guidance in the professional elements of an actor’s career, seeking representation, ensuring working materials meet professional standards, actor reels in class, etc Also one on one business coaching on use of social media, web site and optimization and creating an online presence. (Six Month Program).


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John Pallotta Studio provides a nurturing environment in which the actor is trained to create, explore and develop a truer confidence, filled with spontaneity, emotional depth and abundant imagination. Our Mentorship courses are designed to enhance concentration, promote self-discipline and support emotional freedom to deliver outstanding skills for the film, television, and theatre industries. The Mentorship Courses at the studio aims to provide a first rate, yet eclectic education filled with cutting edge, training and creative tools that at the completion will place the artist at the forefront of their craft.

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John Pallotta Studio Mentorship Program is unlike any other actor training program—cutting-edge explorations into the art and practice of acting for the screen.


The (3 Months), (6 Months) (One-Year) Acting Mentorship runs throughout the year, divided into two sixteen-week semesters. Each of the programs requires intensive time demands and a complete commitment on the part of the student/actor.


A standard week of study involves additional time in the evenings and on weekends for classes, rehearsals, and shoots.





The best way to learn how to act in films is to actually act in films. Our students begin acting in front of the camera from the first week of the program. Every week, students get the opportunity to practice the techniques and skills they have gained in class with exercises that are shot and reviewed.



Many of our programs feature the production of short films or scenes that are created by and star our acting students. These are shot and edited together and may be used for students' own reels.



We provide all of our students with shot and edited materials that are suitable to put on an actor's reel.




The first semester concentrates on building a foundation in the craft of acting, using training techniques rooted in the theater but applicable to screen acting. Students participate in a broad array of core classes that introduce them to finding the actor within, while simultaneously training their instrument to do the kind of technical, emotional, and physical work necessary for film acting. Since we believe that film actors also benefit immeasurably from working in front of a live audience, in addition to work in front of the camera, training in the first semester builds towards a live performance.



Understand the fundamental principles of acting for film.

Grounding in classical scene study and acting techniques.

Fundamentals of script and text analysis.

Survey and examination of film studies from a film actor’s perspective.

Exposure and practice in a variety of vocal techniques.



Perform in a live monologue presentation.

Shoot in-class on camera scenes for critique.

Participate in a Film Craft shoot.




In the second semester, the core classes continue as the students' focus intensifies on applying the techniques they have learned to more elaborate scene work, on-camera exercises, and film shoots—all designed to develop and hone their screen-acting ability. All students perform in film or video shoots, oftentimes, original work that was created and developed by the students in collaboration with their instructors. In addition, a variety of classes are given to broaden students' knowledge of acting techniques, the film business, and the many different aspects of filmmaking that impact the actor's ability to perform on set.


The second semester culminates in four public presentations of student work and one honors presentation. These include a live Improvisation performance, a Meisner technique open demonstration, a Scene Study showcase performance, and a screening of student film productions.



Beginning/ Intermediate / Advanced training in acting principles.

Grounding in intermediate scene study and acting for film.

Intermediate training in Vocal, Movement and Improvisation work.





$3000 (3MONTH)

$6000 (6 MONTH)

$10,000 (12 MONTH)

$12,500 (16 MONTH)


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