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With a keen eye and unending mastery John Pallotta vision's the actor inside of you and like a craftsman, he pulls that vision into reality. His philosophy changes you from wanting to be an actor to understanding the Human Condition. He sees our potential as human beings and teaches his students to free their true nature through acting. John is as good if not better then the mentors & masters that taught him.


Our actors are given opportunities they won’t find in any other acting class, including intensive camera work and on-set, on-location study, where students get a chance to explore all facets of film work, from lighting, soundg, location scouting and directing to working with each other on camera on a professional set. You put all this together and the result, we’ve found, is students coming out of our studio more prepared for not just the business, but life in general.

Those Coached, Read with or Endorsing John Pallotta

Now or early in their career

Nikki Etheridge - Law and Order

Emmy Winner Jen Jiles

Emmy Winner Sue Dixon

Stacey Nelkin

Emmy Winner E. Dawn Samuel

Emmy Winner Ben Aaron

3 Time Tony Nominee Guy Shahar

Josh Murray Taxi Brooklyn Series

Flint Beverage  The Black List

Kenyah Hill Americas Next Top Model

Sarah Hartshorne Americas Next Top Model

Grammy Winner Kate Pierson

Grammy Nominee Talitha Cumi

Grammy Nominee Patrice Covington

Obie Winner Yvette Ganier

Porn Star Lori Alexis

Porn Star Elisa Bridges

Bonita Elery Louie C.K.

Joseph Donofrio Goodfellas

Frank Albanese Goodfellas, Godfather II

Oscar Winner Billy Badalato

Oscar Winner Reese Witherspoon (Early Modeling)

Oscar Nominee Chazz Palminteri

Oscar Nominee Danny Aiello

Oscar Nominee Randolofo Cacavale

Oscar Nominee Nicholas Lorain

Oscar Nominee Norma Aleandro

Oscar Nominee Ricardo Darin

Tony Award Winner Billy Porter

Tony Award Producer Ruben Brache

Emmy Winner Johnny Alonso

Emmy Nominee Kevin Terrel

Emmy Nominee Anna Chulmsky (Johns Play Vegas)

Emmy Winner James Brown

Emmy Winner Mia Michaels

Emmy Nominee Josh Charles (Broadway Orphans)

Emmy Winner Jon Favreau (Balm in Gilead)

Director Robert Downey Sr.

Grammy Nominee: Knoc-Turn'Al

Mr. USA Michael Lynn

Dan Manjovi  Award Winning Composer

Candiace Dillard Miss America


NY Knicks Roger Mason

Michael Phelps  Olympic Swimmer

Rebecca Crews  Director

Huston Rockets Kyle Lowrey

Activist Dick Gregory

Senator Frank Lautenberg

Ana Marie Jamoca Law and Order

Penwah Family Matters

Playboy Centerfold Cindy Guyer

Ron Millkie Friday The 13th

Milani Rose Super Model

Bianca Sloof Bubbles -­ VH1)

Creep Dogg Musical Artist

Asa Arnold Are We There Yet

Amanda Gordon Comedy Central

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I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as "acting"; there is only "life." I was taught a long time ago, as a young actor in the late 1970s,

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The Artof Emotional Triggering

By John Pallotta

"Six Time Nominated BEST Acting Teacher"


Download the quick eBook FREE on developing your characters trigger points and Use John’s book to find new and interesting circumstances and obstacles that feed in the development of your character. Get John’s FREE eBook here and move your skill to the next level.

Congratulation to John Pallotta Student Kelvin Terrell on his Emmy Nomination. We at the studio are so very, very proud of you and what you have accomplished in your short time with us.


John Pallotta is the author of 23 plays for the stage and two books on Acting "ACTING IS A STATE OF MIND and "CHARACTERWORKS - THE ART OF EMOTIONAL TRIGGERING." and has been profiled in the Backstage Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, The Credits.org, NPR Radio, NBC Television as well as a Reality show based on his acting classes.

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John Pallotta World Tour 2014/2015

Congratulation to John Pallotta Student Kyle Price on his recent audition for major supporting role in the remake of a major feature film. Three months at John Pallotta Studio and already your in the offices of NBC and Disney.

Congratulation to John Pallotta Student Elijah Frictman on his SUPERBOWN 49 halftime Pepsi Commercial. We at the studio are so very, very proud of you and what you have accomplished in your short time with us.

Congratulations to our students and friends Dina Cataldi, Annie Such, Samantha Laurito, Kelvin Terrell, Laurie Folks, Rebekah Franklin, Dahjn Maria Gomez, Beth Gilbert and Megyn Hermez as they prepare to take the play “Jane Ho” to Broadway.

Acting Coach & Playwright




Student of

LeeStrasberg, StellaAdler,  BobbyLewis, UtaHagen,  

HerbertBerghof  & WilliamHickey


John Pallotta is SIX Time Nominated

"BEST Acting Coach",

"BEST Acting School",

"BEST Audition Teacher",

"BEST Monologue Coach",

"BEST On-Camera Class",

"BEST Improv Class"

According to Backstage ReadersChoice Awards 2014/15

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