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John Pallotta


"BEST Acting Coach", "BEST Acting School", "BEST Audition Teacher", "BEST On-Camera Class", "BEST Improv Class" According to Backstage Readers


By Interview Only 877.228.3115

Acting Coach and Playwright

Student of Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler,  Bobby Lewis

                  Uta Hagen,  Herbert Berghof  & William Hickey

                  Masters of the Craft

John Pallotta is a well-respected acting coach offering acting classes and workshops at John Pallotta Studio as well as private, on-set and online coaching.


Our actors are given opportunities they won’t find in any other acting class, including intensive camera work and on-set, on-location study, where students get a chance to explore all facets of film work, from sound engineering, location scouting and directing to working with each other on camera on a professional set. You put all this together and the result, we’ve found, is students coming out of our studio more prepared for not just the business, but life in general.

Those Coached, Read with or Endorsing John Pallotta

Now or early in their career

Nikki Etheridge - Law and Order

Emmy Winner Jen Jiles

Emmy Winner Sue Dixon

Emmy Winner E. Dawn Samuel

Emmy Winner Ben Aaron

3 Time Tony Nominee Guy Shahar

Josh Murray Taxi Brooklyn Series

Flint Beverage  The Black List

Kenyah Hill Americas Next Top Model

Sarah Hartshorne Americas Next Top Model

Grammy Winner Kate Pierson

Grammy Nominee Talitha Cumi

Grammy Nominee Patrice Covington

Obie Winner Yvette Ganier

Porn Star Lori Alexis

Porn Star Elisa Bridges

Bonita Elery Louie C.K.

Joseph Donofrio Goodfellas

Frank Albanese Goodfellas, Godfather II

Emmy Winner Johnny Alonso

Mr. USA Michael Lynn

Dan Manjovi  Award Winning Composer

Candiace Dillard Miss America

Oscar Winner Billy Badalato

Oscar Winner Reese Witherspoon (Modeling)

Oscar Nominee Chazz Palminteri

Oscar Nominee Danny Aiello

Oscar Nominee Randolofo Cacavale

Oscar Nominee Nicholas Lorain

Tony Award Winner Billy Porter

Tony Award Producer Ruben Brache

Emmy Nominee Anna Chulmsky

Emmy Winner James Brown

Emmy Winner Mia Michaels

Emmy Nominee Josh Charles

Emmy Winner Jon Favreau

Director Robert Downey Sr.

NY Knicks Roger Mason

Michael Phelps  Olympic Swimmer

Rebecca Crews  Director

Huston Rockets Kyle Lowrey

Activist Dick Gregory

Senator Frank Lautenberg

Ana Marie Jamoca Law and Order

Penwah Family Matters

Playboy Centerfold Cindy Guyer

Ron Millkie Friday The 13th

Milani Rose Super Model

Bianca Sloof Bubbles -­ VH1)

Creep Dogg Musical Artist

Asa Arnold Are We There Yet

Amanda Gordon Comedy Central

John's classes take place on set every week. The camera doesn’t lie and it’s not too kind to actors when our work is anything less than truthful. So how can we be as real and at home in front of the camera as we are in our every day life? John's techniques and tips to help you feel at ease in front of the camera and to trust that the camera “gets” you. His class will also offer techniques to make your on-camera acting honest and full and precise in any given circumstances that the script presents you with.


With an emphasis on Characters, improvisation, experimentation and human truth, the class will focus on the human being as the most vital and exciting subject of cinema.  During filming all involved join as a team to ensure quality results.

state of mind

If John Pallotta were a boxer, he'd be Jake LaMotta. A singer? Johnny Cash. Coffee? Triple espresso. An award? Most definitely an Oscar!


                                       3X Emmy Winner James Brown

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